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Carpet Repair and Dye

Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Carpeting inevitably undergoes wear and tear, whether from foot traffic or the accidents of everyday life. If those fraying, discoloring factors have concentrated in one particular section of your carpet, you can patch the installation rather than replace the entire thing.

The seam should be just slightly noticeable to invisible depending on the carpet. If you do see the seam because of the color difference, it could be likened to a tan line on your skin. Although there is no seam, there appears to be a line because of the color difference.

Carpet dye is used to replace outdated color. Did you know carpets can often last 15-20 years? However, all carpets will develop issues eventually; a few include sunspots, a stubborn stain, or bleach spots. Carpet cleaning can get out most stains, but some larger stains linger. Carpet stains can be an eyesore – but if your carpet is still in great shape, why completely replace it? Most people have their carpet replaced due to other reasons than wear. Replacing carpet can be quite the expense, whereas dyeing your carpet is substantially less.

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